Don’t, so That You May Do..

Thought of the day:

“Don’t let the way you feel dictate the way you act”.

To rehash the cliche; feelings truly are as turbulent and ever- changing as the weather and are therefore unreliable to support important decisions. Use the intent you have for goodwill, for peace, for love and for the best possible outcome to anchor your choices. If you desire long- lasting, positive results, make a pledge with your MIND to go for it, routinely. To not only remain in pursuit of the goal but to thrive- mind, body and spirit.

Do not surrender to the instability of moods- ‘ugh my pms’/ ‘ugh today is not my day’/ ‘ugh this bad thing happened to me’/ ‘ugh this person’/ ‘ugh I’m tired’/ ‘ugh I’m sore’/ ‘ugh it’s not my job’/ ‘ugh I’ll do it tomorrow’— the list of ‘ughs’ will go on forever and you allegiance to such an untrustworthy dictator will cast your dreams to the bottom of the sea.


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