Good morning Freedom, it's time to chase you!To whomever might read or glance at this post:
May my firmest handshake and warmest smile be with you.

My current position: I graduated from high school last week and in accordance with traditional expectation, I have been swarmed with the questions- both inquisitive and obligatory- from family, friends and acquaintances of ‘what do ya wanna be when ya grow up?’ and ‘are you going to uni?’. My response was always a shrug of the shoulders followed by an ‘I have no clue’, however as the questioning became more frequent I felt compelled to make a decision. Seventeen years young and required to know the position I would like to be in, twenty, thirty, forty years ahead of time- a big ask I must say.

I decided to tackle this tangle of guesswork and confusion with the foundational step of ‘self discovery’. Completing online quizzes entitled “Know Yourself” and “My Dream Career” etc. My listed personality traits and interests led me down paths that included journalism, human relations, event management, public communication and so on. Long story of my ambitions short: I’m planning to just go with it. Some of these options will be on my course preference list for uni. Nobody really knows what they’re about to get themselves into when they’re seventeen and inexperienced. They seem interesting and yay I get to write stuff. I feel excited and expectant and so this blog post and corresponding image marks the beginning of my future in the ADULT WORLD. WOO HOO!! 🙂 😀

The future is undoubtedly near.. and it begins in this very moment as I click ‘publish’. So hold onto your seats, folks, cause things are about to get REAL.


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